Temasek Trust write up

13 Nov 2017

Check out a write up on Pathnova in the Temasek Trust Newsletter (4th Quarter 2017). We are proud to provide the most predictive NPC detection assay in Singapore.

(Photo credit: Temasek Trust Newsletter)

The Next Chapter in IFA EBV serology

20 Oct 2017

A message to colleagues by Emeritus Professor Chan Soh Ha

The WHO Immunology Centre has provided IFA EBV serology services for Singapore and the region since the 80’s. One key service we offered was the detection of EBV activation through raised IgA antibodies to EBV Early Antigen (EA). This service was stopped about three years ago due to manpower issues.

I am now pleased to inform you that I have restarted the service under Pathnova Laboratories and will be working closely with researchers at Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory to develop pattern recognition technology to ensure continued service.

The ebv-EArly™ test offered by Pathnova Laboratories is the very same EBV IFA IgA anti-EA test previously offered by the WHO Immunology Centre with me performing the IFA. Additionally, our recently published results are promising and show that pattern recognition can improve IFA consistency. We will include this improved analysis at a later date for no extra charge.

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